Student email comes to COC

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Posters advertising the new student email service have been hung around campus.

Starting this month, students at College of the Canyons will now receive their own student email accounts.

This new feature will not only allow for more expedient and easier communication with college administrators, but also grants students some helpful online tools to work with, such as access to Microsoft Office’s Online Workspace and 25 GB of online storage through Microsoft’s cloud storage service, SkyDrive.

All school notifications will now be channeled to one inbox. The email service will be hosted by Microsoft Live@edu, and will serve as a means for students to receive waitlist and admission updates, financial aid information, emails from instructors, and other announcements. Messages received from these accounts can be forwarded to students’ more frequently checked personal email addresses, if they choose to do so.

“Students will have access to online versions of Microsoft Office and 25GB of cloud storage space, allowing them to collaborate on school projects and information from anywhere that has access to the Internet. In addition to the niceties offered by the email system, students will now be able to take advantage of exclusive online deals only available to students with verifiable email addresses including, software discounts, travel discounts, access to research websites and more,” said Hsiawen Hull, COC’s Assistant Director of Technology Services and one of the staff members heading the launch of the email system.

The email service is not limited to only school messages and the benefits do not expire once students graduate. MyCanyons email can be used as a student’s primary or secondary email account. Alumni may continue to use their email accounts long after graduation.

Users must also adhere to the state and district guidelines of acceptable use.

Students should log into their MyCanyons accounts in the coming days to receive information on how to set up and begin using student email.

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