Money in that tip jar does more than saying ‘Thanks’

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Santa Clarita’s sweet tooth is calling to those in need of a helping hand.

One franchise is responding through the simple act of giving.

Spoon Me is a small yogurt franchise that has expanded throughout the U.S to present consumers with a zero-calorie treat, providing not just a healthy sorbet, but a healthy community.

This yogurt parlor runs off of a “keep the change policy.” At the end of each month, this custard buffet gives their tips to one of the valley’s local charities.

Spoon Me’s philosophy is based off a love for people, their earth, and their community. Living by these principles is what has inspired Spoon Me’s 90-calorie creams, famous cornstarch molded spoons, biodegradable food-wear, and overall eco and immune friendly environment.

“To be a part of the Spoon Me family, we have to make sure that we want to give back,” said owner Arthur Avanessian.

After years as a stay-at-home dad, out of work as a financial advisor, Avanessian re-entered the workforce with philanthropy as the core of his business plan.

Avanessian has joined the Spoon Me franchise, opening the new yogurt shop on Town Center Drive in July 2011. He now continues to sink his work boots back into the community through the joy of giving.

As a Spoon Me leader, Avanessian makes it his responsibility to search for those in need of a helping hand.

Recently, the community had banned together in support of a 45-year-old, husband and father battling brain cancer. After discovering the brain tumor in December 2011, Michael Fisher underwent numerous surgeries and radiation. Fisher had suffered from a massive seizure that had hindered his motor abilities, and since began receiving support from the community.

Pictures of Fisher and his family have hung throughout Spoon Me since the beginning of February, allowing customers a closer look into the difference just one cup of yogurt could make.

The beginning of March brought the parlor the unfortunate news of Fisher’s passing. Avanessian has recently extended support for the grieving family as they cope with the death of a relative.

“Anything to help out a family that is grieving is all that matters,” said Avanessian, “It’s not about the dollar amount, whether it’s $100 or $500 it’s theirs, and we have the community to thank for their generosity.”

Valencia’s Spoon Me continues to support additional organizations and community projects.

Avanessian and his wife recently supported Heart High School’s Project Prom through Spoon Me’s “keep the change policy.”  In addition, their policy has also aided organizations, such as the local Food Pantry and Santa Clarita’s Gentle Barn.

“I and my wife both live in this community and we want to give back to this community,” said Avanessian proudly.

In addition to his creamy concoctions, Avanessian shared his daily Promotions—family night discounts, date night and movie night, provided by Spoon Me to make a locals’ evening memorable.

“I am still a business owner so I have to do what is best for the business, but I am not a corporate grand store. So, we can provide discounts just to help out the community, because we appreciate them. Without the community we wouldn’t be here “

While Spoon Me continues to illustrate a joy for giving through charitable contribution, they also demonstrate their concern for the community through their edible products.

Spoon Me attributes their products to customers health needs. Whether providing topping that are sugar, dairy, or gluten free, Avanessian adamantly explained the importance of having this variety available for his customers.

“Even where I place my toppings on my topping bar is strategically placed for people that have allergies. I don’t want them to get cross contaminated.”

The Spoon Me franchise has not only awakened a craving for frozen yogurt, but a strong concern for the well being of the community.

Through this teaching come leaders, such as Avanessian, who strive to show “I just want it to be a little more than frozen yogurt.”

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