Shopping made easy at the Valencia Town Center

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Photo by Trevor Bennett - Cougar News Photojournalist

Straight out of science fiction, white light technology finds a home residing within the Valencia Town Center. Me-Ality is a free, new apparel size-matching service guiding you to your size by brand.

Due to lack of a standard sizing between top clothing manufacturers, consumers end up owning ranging sizes of clothes depending on diverse brand styles. According to statistics, frustration occurs for consumers while in search of a fit that is both flattering and stylish, resulting in confusion and irritation.

Me-Ality claims to eliminate the need to try on hundreds of different sizes and styles of pants with its new Me-Ality Sizing Station.

Containing 196 small antennas, the Me-Ality Sizing Station’s “vertical wand” emits and records radio signals 1,000 times weaker than what a standard cell phone produces. In approximately 10 seconds, the station’s wand rotates around an individual, whom remains fully clothed, and records the radio waves that reflects off the water in their skin.

When the wand’s rotation is complete, Me-Ality will have recorded over 200,000 points of data and, by using 3-D body-imaging, produces precise measurements that generate an individual’s unique shopping guide that also contains their BMI, height, weight, and health risk factors.

The data collected is then analyzed and converted into size and styling recommendations based off sizing specifications database containing local retailers within the Valencia Town Center.

Customers are then able to view their personalized shopping guide on touch-screen monitors surrounding the sizing stations. You can filter the list according to brand, style, price, retailer, and manufacturer. With the added ability to email the guide to yourself, you are able to use any mobile device and refer back to it any time you need.

Many experts believe this technology will increase sales while decreasing return rates.

You can log onto and create a personalized profile where all of your Shopping Guides are stored. Me-Ality will record and track your progress and make easy-to-view reports in body change and health conditions.

Me-Ality is currently the only body scanning system capable of scanning a fully clothed body.

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