Shay Romero – Mother, Athlete, Student.

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A prestigious 3.8 GPA, taking 15 units, a dedicated star-athlete of the COC softball team, and a loving single mother of two adorable boys – not to mention that she is 31–years-old.

Shay Romero, walks the walk and talks the talk of a dedicated full time student, an aggressive athlete, and a loving mother. Hearing about Shay you would think she would be wearing a cape walking around campus and fighting off scary monsters under the bed for her two sons. However, she would tell you that she is simply trying to be the best person and mother possible.

“I want to be a role model to them, that is one of the reasons that I went back to school.” “I didn’t want to settle, I wanted to better our lives.” said Shay.

Furthermore, Shay is going to school in order to become a nurse so she can better provide for her two boys. Having gone through a divorce, Shay, understands that she must be the one to provide for her two boys. Fortunately, for Shay, her two boys are mature and understand their mother’s situation.

“They are just really cool about it, they are really cute, whenever I come up to bat they are right at the fence giving me high fives they are just really sweet.” “They just never make me feel guilty about being away from them.”

Because Shay’s two sons are supportive of their mother, Shay, can focus on her softball. The Cougars are currently 23-2, and Shay’s influence on the team is undeniable. Shay currently has a batting average of .347 with 25 hits, 9 RBI’s, and an amazing .955 fielding percentage. Her stellar play has helped lead the Cougars to an incredible start to the season. Shay’s great softball play has the Cougars thinking that they can win a championship.

“This is probably the most talented team that I have ever been on, I really feel when we are at our best I don’t feel anyone can beat us.” “I don’t see why we can’t go on and won the State Tournament, I really believe.”

Shay’s remarkable story of perseverance is one that should be imitated by others. Even though it may appear that Shay Romero has some sort of unnatural ability, the matter of the fact is she does not. She is just like you and I, but it is her commitment to herself and family and her refusal to settle that gives Shay that extra drive.

As Shay put it “My kids motivate me they are very encouraging and they think it is really cool to come watch my games, they are very supportive and very sweet.”

Shay’s motherly aura has undoubtedly rubbed off on the Cougars softball team. They have taken on a “family” identity, which is how they have had such a great season.

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