Santa Clarita residents share the art of gardening

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The Community Gardens in Central Park are bringing families and community members together all across Santa Clarita to relish in the art of gardening and good company.

This fairly new organization welcomes everyone in the Santa Clarita Valley, from seasoned gardening gurus to ambitious beginners, to raise a garden in their very own plot in Central Park. Community members, young and old, are taking part in the fun experience. Parents and children can raise their own vegetables to have for dinner, as well as promote family bonding and encourage a healthy diet.

The Community Gardens' shed, decorated by ARTREE.

Charities have also played a large role in the Community Gardens. The Santa Clarita Outreach Program dedicates two plots to raising produce for the local food pantry. Having already donated over a thousand pounds in a little over a year, their efforts have proven to be fruitful. Necessary gardening supplies were contributed by generous donors. The shed to store them in was also donated, and was decorated by the local ARTREE arts association.

The Santa Clarita Community Gardens is open for visitors to bask in their splendor on weekends, while gardeners touch up and care for their plots. For information about securing a plot, visitation hours, and how to get involved, go to

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