Job seekers get tips for success at Resumé Rally

by Kristian McAdams, Staff Writer 666 views0

Students and Santa Clarita residents received free consultations with business professionals from the Santa Clarita Valley this week during COC’s annual Resumé Rally.

Each year, COC’s Career Center hosts the rally as an opportunity to aid career seekers in their chance for financial success.

“We really try to craft a résumé depending on their background, to craft a resumé that will get an employer’s attention,” said Career Center’s director Anthony Michaelides.

According to Michaelides, it is the volunteers and overall outcome of participants that contributes to the success of any event.

“Our goal is always 100 people and we have hit it several times,” said Michaelides.

While the rally is known for reaching over its goal, Tuesday’s event ran slower than usual, but the outcome of volunteers was a success.

With experienced local Valley residents and Career Center volunteers dedicating their time to those both new and experienced in resumé writing, many people left feeling more confident in the skill.

After experiencing some unfortunate results in his resumé, Santa Clarita resident Paul Longquich took advantage of the free help, in hopes of bettering his chances is the work field.

“They were very receptive with what I had to say, and they came back with a critique of that,” Longquich said. “I had brought in two models of my resumé, they looked over both of them and through away one saying that it was not professional. They then gave me some ideas with my second resumé on ways that I could improve it.”

Longquich is now looking forward to taking classes with director Michaelides to “fine polish” what he does have.

With the job fair just around the corner, the Resumé Rally also served as an opportunity to prepare individuals’ resumés before presenting them to business representatives.

On April 18 business professionals from all around Santa Clarita valley will be attending the, on campus job fair, where people will be given the opportunity to meet and greet with representatives from a variety of fields.

Michaelides explained, “Anyone who is looking for a job, the Resumé Rally is that kick-start to get that resumé done.”

Whether just entering the business field, or brushing up on tips for occupational success, the Resumé Rally provided Santa Clarita residents with an opportunity to better their chances as job seekers.

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