Printer Cartridges

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Chris Sabin chuckled in his home office as he reflected on the days that he used to use a home kit to refill his ink cartridges only to have the ink leak into his printer.

“Years ago, I would refill my ink cartridges at home,” Sabin said. “Sadly to say, I didn’t have very good results with it. The excess ink did not get into the sponge and it linked into the printer causing a big mess.”

Leaking cartridges is a thing of the past; Today Sabin is the president of, an online company that remanufactures printer cartridges.

According to opportunity statement, a remanufactured cartridge is one that has been spared from the landfill thus making this a green business.) refurbished, refilled, re-branded, and put back into circulation.

There are many online stores that offer remanufacturing services.

Sabin is quick to point out what makes so unique.

“Inkflip was founded on the unique idea of applying the online model of movie rentals to the ink cartridge refill and recycling industry,” Sabin said. “We are essentially Netflix for your printer.”

Why is Sabin so confident that remanufacturing a cartridge is essential?

“Printer cartridges are expensive, Sabin said. “This is what is so great about is that it saves customers money, is convenient and good for the planet.”

Most people can’t tell the difference between recycling a cartridge, refilling a cartridge or remanufacturing a cartridge.

Recycling a cartridge is bringing a cartridge to a recycling station such as Staples or other retailers. The cartridge is then melted down and the materials will be reused.

Refilling a cartridge is refilling a cartridge.

Sabin cringes when asked is refilling a cartridge an ideal situation for a customer.

“It seems really simple to refill a cartridge but it is complicated,” Sabin said. “At we use specialized equipment to make sure leakage does not happen.”

Rick Riso of Postal Connections in Santa Clarita agrees with Sabin.

“It is indeed a messy process,” Riso said. “You have to know what you are doing.”

Riso who refills ink cartridges at Postal Connections on a daily basis admits that it can be a challenge refilling ink cartridges.

His favorite cartridge to refill is HP. “Epson and Cannon can be really difficult to refill,” Riso said. “If you hit the plastic membrane with a needle it’s over.”

Riso and Sabin agree it ‘s to the customer advantage to either remanufacture or refill printer cartridges because it saves money.

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