Parking at COC poses problems for students

by Kiana Nua, Staff Writer 779 views0

This week we asked COC students how they feel about the parking here at the school and with no surprise many were upset by the lack of spots available for students.

Most of the students said that they have to arrive a hour to a hour and a half early to their classes to get a spot. Some might say that being early is a good thing but these students are not getting to their classes early. Some of the time they aren’t even getting to their classes on time.

I talked to Evalynn Ashley who was late to her first class this semester by an hour and almost got dropped from her class all because she couldn’t find a parking spot. If students cannot find a parking spot they are forced to park in neighborhoods that take twenty minutes to walk back to campus. Causing students to still be late to their classes.

When asking the students if the new construction of the library has anything to do with the lack of parking a lot of people said it defiantly does. Not everyone thinks that it’s the main source of the problem though.

A student here at COC, Billy Knights, said that he had no trouble with parking. He has morning classes that no one likes to take so there is always good parking when he gets to school. Maybe the problem isn’t the lack of parking spots but the fact that everyone try’s to get classes at the same time making it crowded.

One solution that the students have mentioned is getting parking structures so that there isn’t just one level to park. Another student suggested that we expand the parking.

Since the majority of the ideas that come from our students coast a large amount of money we will go to administration next week to find out how they feel about the parking problem here at COC, the Valencia Campus.

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