Opinion: Best places to study off-campus

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Notebook, textbooks, books
Notebook, textbooks, books
One of the most significant aspects of studying is ensuring a sufficient, productive place to do so.

Now that the semester is five weeks in, classes are in full swing and students that have been coasting on cruise control, must now hit the books and cram the curriculum into their heads in time for the first exam.

One of the most significant aspects of studying is ensuring a sufficient, productive place to do so.

College of the Canyons’ Library can be an ideal workspace, but the noises from construction and the overbearing presence of others can prove to be distracting.

The current expansion project has also blocked off part of the library, making the second floor of the facility denser with students in half the floor space.

Or maybe, just a simple change of scenery is necessary.

Students working on group projects may also want ideas on where to meet and collaborate when the campus is closed.

Here are some great alternative places to work and study that are close to campus:

1. Valencia Library: A great alternative for those who still want to study at a library, but with a fraction of the bustle and population of the COC library. The Santa Clarita Public Library offers Wi-Fi, plenty of tables and cubicles, and a plethora of books and periodicals for research and leisure. Here, one can escape from the distraction posed by friends and fellow classmates also trying to get some work done at school.

2. Under Grounds: The local coffee shop on Newhall Ranch Road provides a hip, artsy space for one to work and study. Coffee shops are a common choice for study spots, and Under Grounds is no exception. During the day, the shop is bright and serene, with the aroma of fresh coffee to inspire the mind. Coffee drinks are available to help stay awake, and donations for beverages benefit various charities. Tables and sofas comfortably furnish an ample amount of floor space, so one has the ability to spread out—unlike other coffee shops that can be cramped and dimly lit.

3. Central Park: For some people, fresh, open air is necessary to freshen and open the mind. Central Park on Bouquet Canyon Road is spacious, with plenty of fields to hide away in and study. Students can bring a blanket, a snack, and read their textbooks in the sunshine. Tables can also be found in the picnic areas.

4. The Patios at Westfield Valencia: During the weekday mornings and early afternoons, The Patios at the Valencia Town Center is quiet and calm and is an ideal place to study. The mall is rather empty during these hours. There are tables with umbrella shades to work in, as well as huddled lounge chairs. Music plays softly through outdoor speakers, providing the right amount of background noise. One can also enjoy a cupcake from Velvet Cupcakes or a sandwich at Dink’s Deli while studying. Be wary, though; as it gets later in the day, the mall becomes louder and busier, and the nighttime lighting isn’t suitable for reading.

5. Diners: Another classic spot to study is at the local diner. Diners provide a relaxing atmosphere where one can peruse the morning paper with a cup of hot tea or accompany their studies with a dessert and friendly atmosphere. In Santa Clarita, there are many local diners to choose from. Popular choices include the Saugus Cafe on Railroad Avenue, Way Station Shop on Main Street, Corner Bakery on Valencia Boulevard, the Tea Gardens on Bouquet Canyon Road, and many more.

Have any more ideas? Where are some other great study and productivity spots close to campus? Leave suggestions in the comments section below.

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  1. Patios at the mall for studying? no wonder people stay in COC for so many years!

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