Micheal Leach to host scholarly presentation

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Michael Leach, faculty member at COC, lectures his writing students.

College of the Canyons staff member Michael Leach is hosting a scholarly presentation on Mar 21, at 5 p.m.

This 60 minute presentation about storytelling which is free to the public, is being held at the College of the Canyons Performing Arts Center.

In this presentation, Michael Leach will be emphasizing the importance of storytelling in one’s life and how personal experiences can be developed into short stories, poems or screenplays.

Leach plans to lecture about the history of storytelling, creating personal narratives, and the method he developed on how to tell a story.

Leach will be promoting his speech team and highlighting some of the key things that they do. Leach also wants to show the diverse things that are happening at the college.

Michael Leach is a communication studies professor and the Director of the speech and debate team at College of the Canyons.

He has a passion for public speaking, but understands why people have a fear of public speaking because he was a shy kid.

Leach found his passion at the age of nineteen at Moorpark College when he met the speech coaches and joined the speech team.

Leach is very passionate about public speaking. When he speaks to an audience, he shows his passion by engaging with his audience and has a fun time speaking in front of them.

He likes to teach other people about public speaking and storytelling, just like how he does in his communication classes.

Public speaking can be a very frightening experience for most students but Michael Leach does a simple exercise to help keep the nerves away.

Nerves will always be present when talking in front of people but there are strategies that will help slow down your heart rate and calm the butterflies in your stomach.

“I take deep breathes, which help calm the nerves,” Leach said.

During his presentation on March 21st, Leach will also provide some tips and information that he lectures on in his communication classes.

He will also be promoting his communication classes, and his speech team.

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