Michael Leach delivers scholarly presentation

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On March 21, College of the Canyons communications professor Michael Leach, held a scholarly presentation about storytelling in the Performing Arts Center.

Leach talked about the importance of storytelling in one’s life and the steps that they should go through to be successful at creating their own personal narrative. He also added his personal life story to the presentation highlighting special years in his life.

The presentation was divided up into three acts which were about how stories tell us who we are, who we have been and who we could be.

Leach incorporated three members of his speech team into his presentation by having them perform one of their pieces they have been working on. COC students James Morris, Gabrielle Preston and Shawn Kern all performed their pieces in which personal experience and fiction were combined together. Each performer had a black book in their hand which indicated a scene change, but the performer made the book noticeable at times when they wanted it to be.

Leach lectured about his six step system of ADVICE. He created this system to help people discover the stories inside each and every person. ADVICE stands for Audition, Diary, Verbalize, Interpret, Compose, and Edit. This system will help advance the stories that each person has to tell. Leach not only lectured about different ways to help tell a story, but also promoted his speech team.

The speech team is holding auditions on April 20 from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Contact Michael Leach at michael.leach@canyons.edu to reserve a time for an audition or for any further information.

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