Local college sports programs strikeout in budget cuts

by John Kendall, Staff Sports Writer 587 views0

Both Moorpark and Oxnard Community Colleges  will have their gyms and/or fields unoccupied in 2012-13 due to drastic budget cuts  made by the  Ventura County Community College District according to the Ventura County Star.

It will be lights out inside the gymnasium at Oxnard College  as both basketball programs, and volleyball have been suspended for 2012-2013 year.

Moorpark College will lose it’s baseball, men’s track & field, and it’s men’s cross country program.

Those decisions have left some people wondering will these budget cuts have a negative impact on the athletic programs at College of the Canyons?

COC athletic director Chuck Lyon says the athletic program are now fundraisers.

Despite looking for ways to find additional revenue, Lyon also states that the athletic program has been given the full support of the school’s chancellor.

“We have not suspended any of the athletic programs, that is not the chancellor’s vision at all,” said Lyon.

Despite the COC Board of Trustees tremendous support of the athletic department, Lyon still plans on making budget cuts in the sports programs. But he plans on eliminating team dining options as well as trying to find ways to save money on transportation and game expenses.

It is unclear if any of the programs at Moorpark or Oxnard will be reinstated in the future.

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