Greiner aiming for PGA Tour

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Joe Greiner has been golfing for quite some time, yet despite playing golf  for 15 years, he still continues to love the game of golf. Greiner knew a very long time ago that it would be a passion of his for the rest of his life.

Greiner golfed while he was a student at Hart High School, and after high school he went to College of the Canyons to continue to live his dream.

Eventually, Greiner found out that he was a candidate to play the sport professionally.

“I realized one day that I wanted to pursue this as a career and that this is something I wanted to do for the rest of my life,” Greiner said.

He eventually  was invited to join the Professional Mini Tour across the nation. His first major tournament was the Golden State Mini Tournament. He describes it as one of his best rounds he has played in his career – he shot a 78 the first day and a 66 the next.

“I ended up making my first paycheck with the lowest round of the day which so it was a pretty good feeling … It was only $100 too,” he said.

Greiner took a break from the tour and came back to College of the Canyons where he looks to earn a degree and make his way back to his professional golfing. With Greiner taking this break, he believes it will be the best thing for him and get him refocused on the prize of joining the PGA tour.

“Coming back to it [Professional Tour] will help me have a clear head and a good opportunity to succeed,” he said.

He recently just got back to the greens of the TPC Golf Course for the first time in five months. He has the constant itch to get back out there, but Greiner knows it’s not that easy. “It takes way more than a weeks work, it takes everything you’ve got to become a professional golfer.”

Greiner attributes his golf game to plenty of practice, hard work, and dedication. Greiner has shown the maturity and hunger to play at golf’s highest level.

“Everything in my life was golf. If I wasn’t playing it or practicing, I was thinking about it” he stated, which is one of the many reasons he got to where he is today.

He hasn’t slowed down just yet, as he is still motivated to get even better.

Look for Greiner to be wearing his khakis and polo on professional fairways around the nation.

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