Gibbon Center still thriving after founder Alan Mootnick’s death

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The Gibbon Conservation Center is home to several primates. It is located off of Bouquet Canyon Road

Gibbons are the fastest, most agile non-flying mammals and the only mammal to stand on two legs. Gibbons have a very loud and distinct vocal element which can be heard up to a mile away.

A primate enthusiast, Alan Mootnick founded the conservation center in 1976. He did not have any former biology education, but had a passion for primates. Protecting the gibbons from poachers, Mootnick traveled to different countries over seas and bringing them back to a new home, the conservation center. Protecting them from danger, Alan Mootnick dedicated his life to the gibbons.

Three months ago, Mootnick passed away suddenly from heart complications. Despite Mootnick’s passing, the Gibbon Center continues his mission of providing a safe haven to these gibbons. Research assistant and Senior Primate Caregiver Gabriella Skollar is one of the main participants in keeping the gibbon center a safe home for these animals.

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