Free food and scantrons motivate students for midterms

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From 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., students handed out free school supplies and food as a way to help their fellow classmates during midterm week.

Just outside COC’s Student Center, the Cougar Mentor Program set up a booth, handing away free scantrons and pizza.

“It is a program where student help students succeed,” said COC Peer Advisor Amanda Krogh.

COC’s Cougar Mentor Program is designed as a way to produce leaders, and allow aspiring managers and administrators an opportunity to enhance their leadership qualities. So, with the help of COC’s riding leaders, each year Meals for Midterms is held in order to assist students in-between their studies.

“This year we actually started giving out free food, because we figured you can’t do your test if you are hungry,” said Krogh

According to Krogh, the turnout for this years Meals for Midterms was a success, attracting students both hungry, and lacking testing materials.

While free food and scantrons attracted many COC’s students during midterms week, Krogh explained that the Cougar Mentor Program believes that finals week will be no different.

“For Food For Finals we will do the same, we will hand free scansions and pencils, and have free food available.”

You can visit and search COC’s calendar of events for The Cougar Program’s upcoming events.

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