COC’s Fisher and Cougars basketball encourage youth athletics

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COC Basketball Coach Howard Fisher watches wtih students from Old Orchard Elementary
COC mens basketball players give students at Old Orchard Elementary a helpful push on the school's swings
COC Head Coach Howard Fisher and team showing some serious hangtime at Old Orchard Elementary

COC basketball player and kids enjoying a day of show and tell on the playground
COC Head Basketball Coach Howard Fisher and players spent part of their day interacting with children at a local elementary school.

Fisher and team were at Old Orchard Elementary in Valencia, as part of of “Friday Fun Lunch”.

The event was organized by the school’s parents to continue to enlighten children on the benefits of an active yet fun lifestyle.

State budget cuts have forced school districts to eliminate physical education instructors at many area schools.

The Cougar men spent about 90 minutes at the school and shared basketball tips, jumped rope and played with kids on an adjacent playground.

Along with Friday’s visit, Old Orchard students have been introduced to Taekwondo, dance and soccer.

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