Destinations: Spending a day in San Francisco

by Pamela Wells 632 views0

San Francisco is an ideal get away. One of the things that make it so beautiful is the Golden Gate Bridge. I spent a few hours at Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s an ideal place to spend a weekend. You can take a boat ride. You can walk along the docks or simply enjoy the view. Fisherman’s Wharf has over a dozen restaurants on each side of the street.

And for those, looking for a romantic stroll, for just $20 dollars, a bicycle taxi will ride you around the Wharf.

If you are looking for something unusual, make sure to stop at Boudin Bakery to take a bakery tour. Don’t be surprised to see sculpted bread in the shape of crabs, turkeys, alligators, cable cars, bunnies, turtles, grape clusters, holiday stockings, holiday trees, pumpkins and snowmen. After the bakery tour, go upstairs to eat dinner at Boudin Bistro. Then go next door to Boudin Museum. And, if you are lucky, The Skeleton Man will end your evening with a San Francisco street show.

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