COC program highlights exceptional students

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What better way to start off spring than with the hope of having a higher chance to get into the college or university of your dreams?

College of the Canyons honors program started off as a project based model and has now transformed into an academic program to help College of the Canyons students have higher chances to get into universities.

The program itself has many benefits for students, besides just sounding good to say you’re an honors student.

“It gives students a competitive edge in the transfer process” said Patty Robinson head of the COC Honors Program.

“When I was 20 or getting ready to transfer it was all about getting good grades and as long as you had good grades you were able to transfer,” Robinson said. Today there are so many students who are bright and who have high GPA’s and colleges are looking for more than just a high GPA.”

The honors program specifically has benefits for students applying to the University of California at Los Angeles.

“ We have an agreement with UCLA which has existed almost 20 years, ” Robinson said.  If the student fulfills the local requirements of the honors program that he or she is involved in then he or she can become TAP certified.

TAP is the UCLA transfer alliance program that UCLA has for several community colleges, to give students a higher chance of getting into their university.

“Students who were coming from California Community Colleges as TAP certified students, actually were admitted about 70% higher than students who were not TAP certified.” Robinson said.

Although the honors club itself gives high benefits, to join the honors societies makes a student look even better during the transfer process.

“When we look at COC honors I like to think in terms as the academic side of the house,” said Robinson.  “When we talk about the honors club or Phi Theta Kappa or Alpha Gamma Sigma, those are more club related.”

“What we’d like to do is to make sure we can get students involved in both.”

If students are interested in joining the honors program Robinson suggests contacting her after visiting the College of the Canyons honors website at or directly send Robinson an email at:

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