Mental health seminar provides help for those who need it.

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With all the stresses of getting the right classes, studying, finals, and everything that goes along with being a college student our state of mind is a very important thing. Being able to have great mental health and knowing what to do when you’re in a bad mental state is a tool that would benefit many college students.

The LA County Department of Mental Health (LACDMH) hosted a seminar about Mental Health Awareness: Bridging Gaps, Discovering Resources on March 23, 2012. Health experts spoke about what mental health is, how it works, and what someone should do if they or anyone they know are suffering with mental conflicts such as suicide and extreme depression.

Doralee Bridges, the Department of Mental Health Transitional Age Youth Administrator, was at COC speaking about Stigma and discrimination. Stigma is basically the thoughts and actions that disrespect anyone because the way they look, act or what their sexual preference is. When people are exposed to this stigma it can cause depression and can be the cause of many suicide.

Along with the public speakers there were tables with numerous psychological foundations and mental health centers giving out information on group therapies, seminars, and free programs all aimed to help mental health.

A non-profit organization called ACTION, located in Canyon Country, has free weekly parent-teen support groups and meetings. If you are looking for an organization like ACTION in the Santa Clarita area there is the SCV Youth Project. Located in Valencia St. Francis Psychotherapy & Counseling Center administers counseling and therapy for many different issues including: family preservation, multisystemic therapy, domestic violence, and different types of mental health therapies.

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