Chronic Cantina

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The Westfield Valencia Town Center received a brand new addition in Chronic Cantina.

The restaurant is very similar to the taste and prices from Chronic Tacos, another American fast food chain with a very similar feel to Chipotle. The difference between Chronic Tacos and Chronic Cantina is that the Cantina has a large bar inside, similar to that of a sports bar with multiple displays available for sports games.

Chronic Cantina is located right next to some on the mall’s current favorites, Lazy Dog Cafe and Wokano.

The bar had a large selection of beer with many “on tap” and or bottled. Beers were available in 16 and 24 oz. glass sizes. The specialty drinks ranged from $7 $9, so the prices were comparable to that of a local bar.

The Cantina offers a very different feel from their surrounding competitors. Wokano is certainly known for its sushi, and Lazy Dog focus more on their choices of beer and wide assortments of food. However, Chronic Cantina offers a great variety of mixed drinks with a consistent menu choice of Mexican styled foods.

Chronic Cantina in Valencia

The restaurant does not take reservations, so if you’re interested in visiting it has to be a walk-in visit. They offer complimentary chips and salsa when you order a drink, however when low on chips, they didn’t offer a refill.

We ordered the Fatty Tacos. The dish comes with 2 tacos, choice of meat (beef, chicken, carne asada, or fish) with rice, choice of pinto, black, or refried beans, and the meal was finished with a sweet corn cake. The menu consisted of food that can be found at any local Mexican restaurant, tacos, burritos, taquitos, quesadillas, and an a la carte option in the menu. Both of our meals were close to what we expected, similar to the taste from “Chronic Tacos.” The total cost of food and drinks for two came out to be around $24. Most dishes were in the price range of $6-$15. We both believed that it was a fair price considering it was a sit-down style restaurant located on the patios of the Westfield Valencia Town Center.

One thing that was unique about Chronic Cantina were the Bar and patio, which were able to be combined with sliding doors that opened up for the peak and after-hours crowd.

The location is a very easy place to meet up with friends, and there are plenty of activities to do after you are finished eating. There are many places nearby to grab dessert or go shopping.

Overall, the Chronic Cantina gives a nice addition to the Valencia Mall. With its unique atmosphere and great variety of mixed drinks, it offers an affordable meal for you and your friends.

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