Are the SCV’s red light cameras here to stay?

by Stayci Lewis, Staff Writer 684 views1

Since 2004, residents in Santa Clarita have noticed a change at some of their intersections. What is technically termed as the Red Light Photo Enforcement program began at five intersections and two years later, two more intersections were added to the program.

“The goal, pretty much, it still remains the same today, and that’s to enhance and improve safety at the intersections that we place them at,” Mark Hunter, an administrative analyst for Santa Clarita’s traffic and planning division, said.

The purpose of these cameras seems to have been fulfilled.

“They’re doing the job that they’re supposed to be doing, which is enhancing safety and we’ve done studies to prove that they’re doing so,” Hunter said.

“The primary purpose for the red light cameras is trying to reduce red light running right angle collisions,” Andrew Yi, head traffic engineer for the City of Santa Clarita, said.

“That has been proven the case that the number of those broadside accidents have gone down significantly,” Yi said.

According to Hunter and Yi, a survey was conducted prior to installing the red light cameras in the city that looked at what kinds of accidents were being caused at these intersections.

“Based on that information we were able to select the locations,” Yi said.

After the City of Los Angeles removed its Red Light Photo Enforcement program, rumors among Santa Clarita residents have circulated that the city will remove theirs as well.

“At this time, the city doesn’t have any plans to remove the cameras,” Hunter said. “As far as Santa Clarita goes, I think ours has been really successful.”

While both Hunter and Yi agree that the program has been successful and will not be canceled any time in the near future, Yi also said that there are no plans to add more cameras.

“Adding means you have more locations where we have red light problems, we don’t see that at this time.

“If in the future there are more red light collisions at other intersections that we don’t have red light enforcement, we may consider that, but at this time we don’t see that,” Yi said.

“As for our city, it’s working pretty well, it has been effective and does a pretty good job for us.”

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  1. Where are the statistics illustrating the total # of car accidents prior the implementation of the cameras vs the current # of accidents/ by type of accidents?
     I strongly believe that the statistics play a very important role to determine the implementation of red light cameras is actually a must thing to have for safety reasons rather than just to bring revenews to  the city.

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