What to Give Him for Valentine’s Day

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Cologne Valentine's Day
Cologne is a great gift to give a man on Valentine's Day.

The perfect Valentine’s gift for a woman is classic: a box of rich chocolates, a dozen roses, and a sparkling piece of jewelry. But how does a woman reciprocate her affections for her Valentine? Men are known to be notoriously hard to shop for, but here are the perfect solutions for memorable Valentine’s gifts men will love.

Sometimes, the thing a man wants the most isn’t a thing at all. It has often been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Instead of buying him a shirt he may never wear or a watch he will never give the time of day, cook your valentine a three course meal he will be dreaming about for weeks. If you are comfortable, ask your man’s mother and close friends what his favorite dishes are, and see if you can whip them up for the special day. For an even more romantic air, decorate your dining table with a classy white cloth and illuminate the room with scented tea lights. Top the night off with a glass of champagne and a delectable dessert of chocolate-covered strawberries. The gratification of a hearty, home-cooked meal will bring him more satisfaction than a stuffed bear ever could. If a romantic dinner date isn’t up your alley, small, home-baked sweet treats will be just as sentimental. A basket of fresh cookies, a heart-shaped cake, or the popular cake pops will send your sweetheart on a sugar high.

If you don’t have time to cook something for your man or your culinary skills do not extend beyond macaroni and cheese, why not feed his obsessions, instead? If your man is a die-hard sports fan or idolizes a certain band, look into purchasing some event tickets if they will be in town in the near future, but don’t break your bank on a one-night event or VIP seats. Also, do not wrap yourself in binding purchases, in case he cannot attend the event and you can still receive a refund. If major league sports games or major-label artists’ concerts are too expensive, consider purchasing tickets to a D-league basketball game or a show at a local venue. Whether you two are shouting at a crowded stadium or cheering on the local sports team, you will have fun either way.

Homemade treats will send your sweetheart on a sugar high.

Great things come in small packages. Give a little gift to remember for him to remember you by, such as something you know he would use every day. Brighten up his morning routine by giving him a bottle of your favorite cologne. Or if he is constantly losing or asking you to carry his keys, give him a lanyard, complete with keychains of his favorite team’s logo and a keepsake picture of the two of you. A little trinket for his desk or dashboard will have him thinking of you during his commute to work or while he is daydreaming in class. You’ll come across his mind every time he sprays his cologne and takes out his car keys.

Ultimately, don’t over think what gift to give. Men do not expect you to go all out, nor do they obsess about Valentine’s Day remotely as much as women do. The reality is that no matter what you give your man, he is going to appreciate the fact that you thought about him and took the time to buy something nice. Stay from extravagant purchases, and remember that Valentine’s Day is about love and affection above gifts and chocolates.

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