What Students Should Know About Service Learning

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Service Learning Board
The many volunteer opportunities available are posted here.

Just as important as giving time into academic studies, is giving back to the community in which you live.

Volunteering is an important, and often neglected, aspect of being a well-rounded student and citizen. To push this message, College of the Canyons offers the Service Learning Program for its students.

The Service Learning program offers students college credit for committing hours and completing service projects with many of its affiliated agencies in the Santa Clarita Valley. Some teachers offer extra credit to their students for taking advantage of this rewarding opportunity and integrating the concepts learned in class with meaningful community service. This program is especially for those students interested in getting more than extra sleep and pages of notes form their lecture courses. Service Learning provides a hands-on and beneficial (not just for the student, but for the valley) supplement to what some could consider to be a repetitive and dull academic schedule.

To get involved, students must first attend a mandatory orientation, which can be conducted online or in person with a Service Learning employee. However, the program is only available to students enrolled in certain courses. No appointment is needed—so one may easily act on an impetuous desire to volunteer.

For this semester, orientations are being offered from now through March 8th at various times to accommodate the schedules of all students. Registration is easily and swiftly conducted during orientation.

For students not enrolled in a course that offers the program, the Service Learning office also has information about local events and committees in need of general volunteers, though not for school credit. The Service Learning office is an ideal place for one to begin their search for the abundance of volunteer opportunities in the Santa Clarita Valley and neighboring cities.

Organizations involved in the program include local Saugus Union School District elementary schools, the Gentle Barn, Santa Clarita’s Chamber of Commerce, the American Red Cross, and even more associations serving a variety of causes. Students are able to choose which group they would like to work with for their service projects from their professor’s approved list of agencies for their courses.

For contact information, orientation schedules, and more information, visit http://www.canyons.edu/offices/sl/.

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