Thieves take to the Parking Lot at COC

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This catalytic motor is a hot commodity

Two catalytic converters were stolen from parked cars in Lot 2 earlier this week.

According to Campus Safety, the two vehicles robbed were Toyotas.

It is uncertain when the theft took place, but students have been advised to be vigilant at all times due to the possibility of a theft reoccurring.

Campus Safety is asking that anyone who witnesses suspicious activity in or around any campus parking lot should immediately report it to an on-duty safety officer. Do not try and approach or confront anyone due to safety reasons. An on-duty safety officer can be reached by calling 362-6229, 510-3882 or 510-3881.

Catalytic converter thefts have recently skyrocketed across the country because the value of platinum has significantly increased. Thieves can fetch up to fifty dollars for a converter from a scrap metal dealer. Toyotas, more specifically 4Runners, are highly targeted due to easy access. Catalytic converters are used to reduce smog in vehicles and are found under the car near the muffler.

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