Santa Clarita Domestic Violence Center reopens after renovations

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The Santa Clarita Domestic Violence center reopened its shelter ‘Clara’s Dream’ in early February, following major renovations.

“We now have a shelter that provides a warm and loving environment for families who need emergency shelter,” said Pamela Braly, Chair of the Domestic Violence Center’s board of directors.

“Today marks a great beginning for literally thousands of lives. There was a time in Santa Clarita when there was no shelter, I can remember that time. If you were lucky, somebody took you into their house. If they were lucky, the guy who was beating the wife and children didn’t break into their house and beat them too.”

The domestic violence center of Santa Clarita opened more than 20 years ago and it receives more than 600 visits per year by women and families in need. The center has not been able to make any improvements due to budget concerns.

However, the new renovations valued over $50,000.

HomeAid of Los Angeles and Ventura, as well as the home builder Pardee Homes and other local construction trade companies contributed their time, money and materials to provide new features for the center. These changes included a new roof, carpet and kitchen appliances, as well as updated closets, electrical fixtures and a room expansion.

“You don’t know what this means to us,” Braly explained to SCV News. “Our women and our children now will have a more beautiful place in which to start their journey out of the shadow and into the light.”

“America is built by dedicated men and women; their profession and goals are to build roads and bridges and houses. Most of us don’t build our own houses, if we want a home that gets done by professionals.”

“They took a pig and turned it into a pearl,” she elaborated. “The house today, when you walk into it, any one of you would be proud to live in it. To the credit of Home Aid and BIA (Building Industry Association), I am proud to be able to connect you. This would never have happened; you could never have piece mealed this over time. When there is a problem, we work as a team and we get it done.”

“Since 1990, HomeAid of Los Angeles and Ventura has contributed millions of dollars in building or renovating shelters all across the region,” HomeAid board president and Pardee Homes vice president of marketing, Joyce Mason told SCV News.

Mason proclaimed, “Today, we celebrate another effort that will help the victims of domestic violence rebuild their lives, reclaim their self-sufficiency and rediscover their future.”

If you believe that you or someone you know may be a victim of domestic violence, please call the 24 hour crisis hotline at 661-259-HELP (4357).

To get full details about the services offered at the center or donations inquiries please call the SCDVC office, M-F 9am to 5pm at 661-259-8175.

Below is a wish list of items that are needed for the shelter. The items that are the most necessary have been asterisked.

Gift cards
-*Grocery stores
-*Gas cards
-*Department stores
-*Costco, Target, Sams Club
-*National calling cards
-*Bus passes

Cleaning Products
-Bathroom deodorizer
-*Dishwashing Detergent
-*Lysol kitchen cleaner or Formula 409
-*Lysol cleaning wipes
-*Dryer sheets/liquid softener
-*Laundry detergent
-Kitchen towels

-*Toilet paper
-*Paper towels
-*Boxes of tissues

Baby Items/Accessories
-Baby lotion
-Baby shampoo
-Diaper rash ointment
-Diaper bags

-DVDs of children and adult movies
-Portable stereo

-New pillows
-New twin size comforters
-Long rectangle/Oval table cloths
-CFL light bulbs
-* Rubbermaid food storage
-*Glasses and mugs
-*New set of dishes, setting for 8
-Clear plastic storage boxes
-Batteries: AA, AAA, D
-Toddler foldable/umbrella stroller

-Printer paper
-Filing folders (letter size)
-Office supply store gift cards
-Legal size envelopes
-*All-in-one printer
-*4-drawer lateral file cabinet
-*Paper shredder
-*Brochure holder
-*File storage boxes, heavy duty

-Tylenol (child and adult)
-Digital ear thermometer
-Cold medicine – all ages
-Humidifier (hot and cold)


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