Movie screenings at COC bring the latest cinema to Santa Clarita

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If you ask around Santa Clarita, high school and college students would often say that the town has little entertainment to offer. Parents would say they need to get out but everything is too expensive. All those that fall in between would agree they would just like to indulge in something new.

College of the Canyons hosts a movie night in the Hasley Hall theater, Room #101 at 7 p.m. The films shown not major headliners at the box office, though still just as attention grabbing. When you arrive to movie night you come across movies posters displayed like an actual movie theatre. The difference is the movie you will soon watch is free of charge.

Underneath the movie posters you will find more information of movie screenings at COC and elsewhere. If you’re not feeling Santa Clarita and are willing to travel about 45 minutes south and spend some money you can find the current month’s film calendar. Incorporated in the brochure are movies of different genres.

Upon arriving to Hasley hall you will find the program coordinator Gary Peterson who has been with College of the Canyons for 33 years. He is also cinema instructor for our college and will gladly hand you flyers showing you what movies will be played on the Friday of your choosing included with the time of showing and a little description on the movie as well. If 7 p.m. on a Friday is too late for you. Or you want to see a movie but have other plans later. You can attend College of the canyons “Neo Realism Friday” in conjunction with the cinema 131 class. At 5 p.m. in the same location.

Every Friday night, the COC community is treated to films that aren’t in wide release.

COC Cinema Department Chair Gary Peterson holds the the bi-monthly screening in the fall and the spring.

“I have a strong desire to share good cinema with my teachers and students,” Peterson said.

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