COC feels CSUN enrollment limitation

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College of the Canyons has an ascending problem on its hands–students.

The rapid rise in the number of students this semester is putting a strain on college services: wait-listed classes, overcrowded classrooms and lack of parking.

But why the sudden spike in student enrollment?

Cal State Northridge is one answer. This semester CSUN made a policy to turn away all students who were on wait lists. Once a class was filled, no additional students were added to the class.

“The only exception was for seniors, who only needed one or two classes to graduate”, said  Noelia Borcherding, the Assistant Director of Admissions at CoC.

This has forced many students to fall short on the amount of classes they have this semester. Which in turn caused many CSUN students to turn their heads toward COC to help fill their schedule.

Teachers at COC are always encouraged to stick to their original classroom sizes.

It is not yet policy to turn away all wait-listed students from the college. There is usually no incentive for a teacher to take on additional students, but in few cases there are legitimate reasons.

A few teachers in the Media Entertainment Arts department, including Dave Brill, have been known to take on additional students in order to help create interest in the New Media department.

“It’s especially important in the lower level classes to get as many students interested in MEA department because it provides a healthy flow of students who may be interested in advancing in New Media Journalism. I can name a handful of students that I have met just from the MEA 100 Class that have found interest in the MEA courses”, said Brill.

Some departments with a lower number of sections may want to take on extra students to keep numbers robust for advanced course offerings in the future.

Borcherding also said  the wait-list is updated nightly through the admissions program. This means that students who are wait-listed will be added the following morning if someone is dropped from the class.

Borcherding also said COC  is currently undergoing a reshaping of their student cycling process which grants priority to students who are just a few credits shy of graduating.

The cycling process will also allow new students to get additional courses in order to help start their academic path.

Students at COC that already have 100 units and still attending, will be placed lower in the cycle than first time students, in order to give everyone a chance to have priority at which classes he or she wishes to enroll.

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