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The start of a new semester brings the promise of homework, hours of studying and late night cram sessions. With so much work ahead this semester, we share some of our favorite apps to prepare students and help them organize for the long-term ahead.

Chegg IncChegg
By Chegg, Inc

The #1 Textbook rental company, Chegg, is helping students save hundreds by offering low-priced textbooks. From physical copies, to eTextbooks, Chegg’s massive selection will keep you coming back time, and time again.

This app allows you to search for textbooks and order them all straight from your iPhone. By entering the ISBN manually, or simply scanning the book’s bar-code, Chegg will generate a list of books and compare its prices to other in-store and online rates.

While the app only allows for purchasing textbooks, you can head over to and search colleges around the country which allow students to view past grades and reviews on current courses. Student reviews offer an honest opinion on teachers and courses and also inform on the course difficulty.

The online site also allows for browser-based note taking, eTextbook reading and 24/7 access to math and science help from Chegg’s online experts.

Download the Chegg app for free on the App Store. If saving money isn’t incentive enough, Chegg promises to plant a tree for every textbook you buy.


By Evernote

Voted one of the ‘Top 10 Must-Have Apps’ from the New York Times, winner of TechCrunch Crunchies, Mashable Awards and the Webbys, Evernote is an easy-to-use app that organizes your school life. With the ability to save, sync and share notes across your computer, phone, tablet and on the web, Evernote creates an always reachable personal database.

Remember everything by snapping photos, recording audio and bookmarking websites. This App allows you to search your personal collection by  key words or scanned text.

Sharing and collaborating is easier than ever with the added feature to upload via Facebook to classmates.

Be sure to pick up Evernote on the App Store and Android Market for free. Evernote is also available for Windows and Mac download and is accessible via the web over at


iStudiez Pro
By iStudiez Team

Homework can become overwhelming all too fast, but a little help from award-winning iStudiez Pro, managing and tracking due dates becomes a breeze. And with the added bonus of Cloud Sync, you are able to backup and sync your data between your Mac and iPhone safely.

View your schedule in daily or weekly formats to best plan your academic schedule. With the ability to integrate your iPhone’s iCal, you can also view all of your appointments. Be on time and up to date with the built-in notifications and badges.

Along with creating easier schedules, this App will calculate and monitor grades throughout the semester. Whether it’s points, percentages or letter grades, iStudiez will calculate your over-all course grade and will give you your GPA.

Available in over 25 languages, iStudiez Pro can be picked up over on the App Store for a mere $2.99. Check out for all the details.


By Dropbox

Assignments can start to pile up fast. With a personal hard drive not always being an option, Dropbox makes it easy to store your personal files on the web and grants you access from just about anywhere else in the world.

Dropbox is a free browser-based software that creates a storage drive in the cloud (internet). Stream lining the process, programmers created phone and tablet friendly versions that allows for easy upload and download to your mobile devices.

Share files with ease by allowing friends and colleagues to view and edit documents in shared folders.

Dropbox also offers an incentive for users to recruit friends. For every friend who joins and installs Dropbox, you are both rewarded with 250 MB of bonus space (up to a limit of 8 GB).

Download this app on the App Store, Android Market, Mac, Windows and Linux. Check out for more details.


Pandora Radio
By Pandora Media, Inc.

Lectures, homework and tests can bring plenty of unwanted stress during the semester, Pandora offers the chance to escape reality for a moment by listening to your favorite songs.

This internet radio player allows you to search by genre, song, artist and more. It will then automatically compile stations unique to you by selecting similar songs based off of your search. Based on the Music Genome Project, each song is analyzed using over 400 different characteristics making it easy to search exactly what you’re looking for.

Create over 100 different stations giving you the power to have a station available for any mood you may be in.

Free to all, Pandora Radio is available on the App Store, Android Market and web. Hop onto to start listening in on your favorite songs.

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