Update: Another Forfeit Costs Cowboys League Title

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Update: A previous version of this article stated that the Canyon High School Boy’s Varsity soccer team ended their season in a third place standing, after having to forfeit six games.

For the second time this school year, Canyon High School had to give up the Foothill League title due to an ineligible player.

History repeated itself as the Cowboys ventured onto the Hart Indians’ field Thursday afternoon to compete in what should have been the biggest game of the season. The game’s outcome would have determined the 2012 league champions.

However, it was discovered on Tuesday that Canyon’s boys soccer had played a student in eight matches who was ineligible. A 20-year old junior was not only ineligible for his age, but his grades fell short of the requirements as well.

With Canyon’s 3-2 win over Hart, the celebration was cut short for the Cowboys due to the realization of their forfeited 1-0 victory against West Ranch the week prior, which had knocked the Wildcats out of the running for the title.

The bittersweet end to Canyon’s forfeit was that the West Ranch Wildcats took their second straight Foothill League title.

Hart’s season ended with a second place finish, only one point behind the Wildcats, leaving Canyon  fifth place.

Although Canyon head coach Khris Savage assured the ineligible player did not play in any of the Foothill league games, his participation was a misfortune to the team.

Savage does take complete responsibility for the matter, but says it is not his job as a coach to check the ages of his players. He faults administration for not catching what should have been red flags.

With so many different stories and rumors being kicked around, the real loss is for the boys’ varsity team.

Regardless of the forfeit, the Cowboys still consider themselves champions and are still eligible to compete in the CIF Playoffs because of their third place standing.

Earlier this school year, Canyon had to watch their football team forfeit the coveted title due to an ineligible player as well.

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  1. Are you kidding me coach savage……..you’re the coach and handle players medical forms and roster. When a player on your team is born in 1992 and the rest of your varsity team was born in 94,95,96 there is a problem. No to mention the obvious difference in physical presence……you have your sport and the A.D. has numerous sports to over see. You got caught!

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