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I remember the first time I saw Santa Clarita featured in a television show. It was ‘Big Love’ and I nearly choked on what ever I was drinking. And although this is not the first time something was filmed in Santa Clarita and it was not by any means the last, it was the first time I realized I lived in a city with a booming film business.

“There were 878 film days, 341 film office permits issued and a $19 million to $20 million economic have an impact on local businesses from July 2010 to June 2011,” said Bob Strauss, Daily News Staff Writer in a press release.

As a student at COC it is hard to not notice when filming is going on. There are trucks parked on what is your usual path to class, and white vans driving back and fourth all day. Before you know it you’re sitting 10 feet away from Tony Shalhoub while chatting with a stunt double between takes of ‘Monk’. That last one happened to me. As if that weren’t exciting enough, last year on the day before Christmas my sister and I were finishing up some last minute shopping when Bill Paxton casually walked passed us. Needless to say we followed him and snapped up some pictures. Bill, as I call him, was on break from filming ‘Big Love’ and was so flattered by the panic attack my sister was having. If it weren’t for filming in Santa Clarita, I would never had had the opportunity to meet one of the actors from my favorite show.

“I love that they film out here. I love seeing the places I grew up around on television. It’s pretty awesome,” said Bee Knight, COC student.

The list of film and television credits for Santa Clarita is extensive and ever growing. The city offers three incentive options to keep those who film here coming back. “We felt we could put a better show together [in Santa Clarita] than anywhere else, including casting, production and post-production. It was the best location,” Bob Lemchen, Senior Vice President of Productions of Fox Television Studios told

Another wonderful memory I have of Santa Clarita filming took place at COC. They were shooting ‘Dollhouse’ and there were a ton of extras involved. I had just gotten out of class when I was immediately told to stop moving. I panicked. I thought I had gotten into some serious trouble. All of the sudden I heard “Quiet on set! Ready? Extras Go!” and before I could question anyone I was hurried across the set with a group of extras. They told us to walk slow and act casual. Once I got to the end of the bridge they told me to double back for a second take. What a rush!

Filming in Santa Clarita not only allows all of us to witness some aspects of filming first hand, but it brings in money that our city would not be getting otherwise. The city should continue to embrace the filming industry and encourage it as often as we can. In an otherwise falling economy Santa Clarita creates jobs every time a production starts. I should know, I was an accidental extra.

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