Ken Hibbits

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Mr. Ken Hibbitts is a political science teacher over at the College of the Canyons campus on Sierra highway in room 501.

He retired in 2008 from teaching advance placement classes in United States Government and Macroeconomics at Simi Valley high school.

Soon after, Mr. Hibbitts began to miss being around students and teaching government.

It wasn’t long until a friend, Rob Collins, told him of a position as a head instructor in Political Science for College of the Canyons.

In the summer of 2009, Mr. Hibbitts began teaching his political science class.

What he remembers most from his first experience was the variety of age difference.

“All my life, all my teaching life which I taught for a long time, I had students of the same age in the class,” said Mr. Hibbitts recounting his first time teaching a CoC class.

“And in this particular class there was a student who was actually younger than the students I taught at high school. He was like 14, highly gifted, and another student who was like in his 40’s or 50’s. And the young student was very much of a conservative, the older student very much of a liberal. They debated in a very friendly way and once they started, I didn’t notice the difference in age and enjoyed the debate.”

Aside from teaching, Mr. Hibbitts loves to travel and hopes to visit Spain in the upcoming winter break. He also enjoys reading and taking long walks.

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