Dr. Claudia Acosta

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Dr Claudia Acosta, Department Chair of modern languages, was born in Nicaragua where she has seen many things growing up.

Leaving the country at 14, she got to see the war and many things you normally would see in the news.

With that being one of her last memories of Nicaragua she found her self wanting to go into journalism to help tell the stories of the World.

She also found along with a journalism degree, a love for writing, and soon a passion for literature.

With all of her studies she turned logically to modern languages.

The department of modern languages teaches 5 language programs including 3 romance languages; Spanish, French and Italian as well as German and Chinese.

There is also Study abroad programs where the students get the chance to travel to places like France, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and many other locations in Central America.

Dr Acosta said the students come back from these trips with a feeling of purpose and everything making more sense.

The students have more of an understanding that there is other stories out there in the World.

Dr Acosta is also President of SCVIP “Santa Clarita Valley International Program” and its ‘Sister Cities’.

The organization has 2 ‘Sister Cites’ one of which is in the Philippines and the other in Ecuador. They are also looking to add China and Brazil to the list.

SCVIP leads Educational, Philanthropic and Business delegations as well as literacy projects and medical missions for many other countries. They also help build foreign relations and build economic growth for Santa Clarita and the projects ‘Sister Cities’.

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