Ronna Randall

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Growing up Randall looked up to her father. She was inspired by his strong interest to be a hard worker.

Randall says Technology was and still is a huge influence for her it is ever-changing.

Randall believes that computers were a hobby that just came to her naturally.

As most of us would agree that computers play a major role in our daily lives Ronna says she cannot disagree.

When asked what her favorite websites are she said websites like Facebook or Google.

She has a real interest to not only help students out with projects involving computers and other equipment in the computer lab, but she creates a connection with the students that receive her guidance.

If you get the chance to interview Ronna Randall it becomes clear that her job here as a staff member here at the college suits here very well.

Here at COC Ronna Randall plays a vital part on a student’s journey to becoming successful.

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