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Get ready for COC’s Theatre Department’s showing of “Solopalooza”, a two-night festival of solo student shows on Dec 6th and 7th at 7:30 p.m.

Headed by Professor Susan Hinshaw for more than seven years, each student taking Theatre 195, a solo performance class at COC, performs an excerpt from the show they have written over the semester.

Hinshaw begins by “mining their lives for stories.” With plenty of writing prompts, the class works together to see what stories can work and multiple drafts, rewrites and polished shows begin forming.

This culminating show occurs every semester, with a different mix of students and stories to tell.

Hinshaw said, “Students have to go through one rehearsal and an audition, where everything is fully staged, memorized and ready to perform. If not, they are not ready and not in the show.”

With her experience in theatre and performing a solo show all over the country, Hinshaw wanted to give the same opportunity to students.

At the Repertory East Playhouse, more than 25 students will be performing solo performances for two evenings.

Hinshaw says that the stories this year are excellent, a lot of fun and very diverse. She believes that “it is perhaps our strongest Solopalooza yet.”

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