Lisa Malley

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Skeletons, skulls, and fossilized human bones.

Sounds like the setting of a horror movie, but for Lisa Malley, this is her office.

Malley is a faculty member of College of the Canyon’s Anthropology staff, specializing in Forensic Anthropology, Osteology, BioArchaeology, Primate Communication, Religious Practices, Ethnomusicology and the Cultural Dynamics of Gender, Language and Art.

This semester she is currently focusing on teaching Anthropology 101 and Physical Anthropology lab.

Malley said she first got interested in the field of Anthropology by taking a course back in college just for fun. She realized that it not only was a subject she excelled at, it is a subject that she knows is her passion.

During the interview, Malley led me on a tour throughout her office, littered with skeletons of not only humans, but chimpanzees and other animals she uses in her lab classes weekly.

It was no surprise to find drawers filled with fake ulna or femur bones, labeled neatly and ready for whatever lab needs them next.

She excitedly displayed her Forensic Anthropology skills by showing me skulls that had signs of injury caused by bullet holes, and how to tell where the bullet enters the skull and exits using painted sticks.

Malley first got into teaching when she was earning her Bachelor’s degree and during her last semester, she was offered a opportunity to teach an incoming class of freshmen and loved it.

Ever since then, she’s been teaching students all about Anthropology, the subject that many believe not only changed the world, but changed this professor’s life for the better.

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