Julie Lawson

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Julie Lawson is COC’s Artistic Director, Performing Arts Director, and part of the Choral Department.

Since 1990 Professor Lawson has graced COC’s campus with her musical gifts.

Lawson went to school and received her masters in piano performance, but drifted away from music after getting married.

It was Lawson’s 4-year-old daughter that brought her back into a musical career. When her daughter began taking piano lessons her teacher happened to be the director for the choir at COC and was looking for a replacement. Upon auditioning Lawson began playing for the campus choir, Voices of the Canyons.

Lawson said that her biggest dream is to make the choirs that she directs the best they can be.

She loves the energy she feels when she walks into the classroom early in the morning.

“When they’re motivated and excited, I can’t help, but be the same,” said Lawson.

Lawson says, that the one way she knows a student will most likely make in the real world musically, is if they are truly working hard towards understanding what is being taught in class everyday.

“These shows that we see on TV, they kind of glorify music and they make it look much easier than it is and it’s not easy,” said Lawson.

The one thing Lawson wants students to know is that music is a difficult journey, but if they dedicate themselves to it, it there is nothing like it.

“It is the best career, if you can make money at it, it is so much fun, said Lawson.

Lawson also said that with all of the exciting things about music, there is just one warning she can give to all current and potential music students.

“Stay in school and get your degree,” said Lawson. It is the one thing she said saved her and brought her to COC.

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