High Winds Leave 200,000 Without Power

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Image via latimes

More than 200,000 homes were without power in Southern California Friday morning due to high winds while numerous school districts remained closed.

Reports of winds reached above 50 mph in areas such as Castaic Lake.

Edison International, a major electric provider in Southern California, tweeted the number of costumers without power dropped to 146,000 by 6 a.m. Friday from 172,000. Additionally, the L.A. Department of Water and Power tweeted that they had 94,000 customers without power about 2 a.m. Friday.

In Pasadena, officials had declared a state of emergency because of the high winds.

According to City Manager Michael Beck, the city reopened libraries and parks with the exception of Victory Park Friday while school districts remained closed.

“We are thankful that as serious as the storm was, and as much damage as it left in its wake, there was no loss of life,” Beck said.

The National Weather Service called Southern California’s Wednesday’s winds a once-in-a-decade event. While the winds are said to continue, they are expected to slow by Sunday.

While work to clean up broken windows, downed trees, debris and downed lights has begun, the city may face legal charges as residents blame the city for protecting its old trees around the area that fell on personal property due to the storm.

AlhambraArcadiaAzusaMonroviaSouth Pasadena and Temple City are among the school districts that were closed Friday.

[Image via latimes]

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