Gayle Freund

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The Health Center staff here at COC was kind enough to give us an interview of one of their staff members, Gayle Freund.

We covered topics about Freund Herself, the Health Center, and improvements that are going to be made to the health center

In her free time, Freund is a runner, and she just ran the Santa Clarita Marathon on Sunday November 6th.

Freund has 2 children and her husband, she lives relatively close to COC, and she is happy to call Santa Clarita her home.

“I am extremely fortunate to have a career in my passion, which is helping people”, Freund said.

Freund is always in the health center located in the student center at COC’s Valencia campus.

Freund had some advice to give to students that were looking to get into the medical field that she is in.,

“I started as a intern for a doctor, so any workshops or anything in CWEE office is a perfect spot to start and get started, but you will have to finish here at COC and transfer to a 4 year school.” said Freund.

Freund encourages anybody to follow his or her dream, and states, “there isn’t anything stopping you!”

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