Finding a Job After the Holidays

by Christian Judy, Staff Writer 669 views0

Finding a job in today’s economy can be a nightmare, but with the help from the COC CWEE office, it can be fairly easy. 

With non-paid and paid internships available, gaining experience in one’s desired work field can be a huge advantage to finding a job. 

A great place to start searching for a job is the Valencia mall. There is a large amount of jobs that require no experience to get hired.

A great resume that can be created with the help of the CWEE office in the Student Center at COC can help you land a job interview with ease.

Keri Aaver in the CWEE center had some tips for us in search of a job, “Don’t wait until the holidays are over. Most students tend to wait until the holidays are over but there is no reason to wait, get your resume out there!”

Keri gave us tons of advice on landing a job. She highlighted retail jobs, and said this is why Valencia is a great place to find a job, because there are plenty of retail stores.

We also had the chance to get advice from Stan Wright in the CWEE office, and he gave us some insight on internships.

“There are close to 106 paid internships at COC, but with more and more students grabbing the positions, that number has gone down”. Stan also said, “students are eligible to earn class credits for working outside of school, with up to 4 credits per semester.”

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