Cul-De-Sac Magazine Celebrates 5th Edition Magazine

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COC’s literary and arts magazine, Cul-de-sac, held a release party for their fifth volume at COC’s art gallery.

The crowd consisted of artists, their relatives, staff members and art lovers.

The magazine features the work of poets, writers, artists and photographers. This year, the magazine is “photography heavy,” according to the faculty advisor of Cul-de-sac Alene Terzian,.

Editor in chief, Vincent Gutierrez described the submissions as “edgy and acerbic” with artwork consisting of controversial foreign leaders like Adolf Hitler.

Comedy was a big part of the fiction category.

Artists presented their own work and a translator for the hearing impaired was present during the entire event.

Among the artists awarded for their work was Tami Falkenstein. She was recognized for her poems “lambda” and “My Two Lovers.” Her poems are personal and are written in free form, which is the style she enjoys writing the most.

The fifth volume’s cover symbolizes the issue Cul-de-sac is facing. Because of the current budget cuts, COC’s literary and arts magazine’s future is unpredictable.

The cover shows a bridge collapsing with the word “Cul-de-sac” falling into the river. According to Professor Terzian, her students are making a statement. The message they are sending through the cover is, “do not let the budget cuts take art down.”

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