Clay Timmons

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In early November, I met with the women’s head assistant volleyball coach, Clay Timmons.

Timmons not only is the head coach for the women’s team here at COC, but he also teaches the beginning volleyball class.

He has played volleyball since his sophomore year at Valencia High School.

Timmons originally wanted to play football, but his mom made him find a “less violent” sport.

Timmons played volleyball here at COC and he even put together an unofficial team to compete against other schools.

Because there isn’t a men’s competitive team for volleyball, (which he would have taught) Timmons teaches the women’s sqaud.

The Cougars enjoy bantering and talking with Clay, but when it comes to respect, they have that as well.

The women’s team works hard, running drills and working on their technique.

Clay is helping prepare his players to go on to a four year college.

He’s helping train this team to reach their potential, and hopefully get a college scholarship because of their dedication to this sport.

Clay’s personal passion for volleyball flows right into his love of teaching.

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