Carmen Dominguez

by Kristian McAdams, Staff Writer 807 views0

Perhaps her inspiration developed during her fascination with Beethoven as a child.

Perhaps it was the music’s creative process that captivated her interest.

Or maybe it was the collaborative efforts of those talented musicians creating something new.

Dr. Carmen Dominguez was surrounded by the arts as a child. As her curiosity grew, so did her knowledge and passion for music.

“You don’t where you’re going to end up,” Said Carmen.

Now her journey has led her to another beginning.

As the new Dean of COC’s Performing Arts Division, Ms. Dominguez has brought with her a love and passion for, not just one, but all of those students striving to better their talents.

Her pursuit throughout the arts led her to Saddleback College in Mission Viejo where she conducted, created, and taught musical works of art. Soon her love for service and support led her to understanding the “logical sequences” used in a college setting in order for it to function.

As Carmen said, “I have been able to live my life in the arts, I have been able to help other students live their life in the arts, [while also] collaborating with this very bright, intellectual group of people here on campus.”

Thanks to her new role here on campus, Carmen wakes up excited and ready to come to work.
“It’s just this wonderful vibe…I get in my car and I can’t wait to get to work.”

Meanwhile, it is no surprise to those acquainted with Carmen, that her belief is that “COC is the culture of yes.”

Her relentless exuberance and confidence in student’s abilities has begun to illustrate Carmen’s love for supporting COC’s aspiring students in reaching their dreams.

“As a conductor what instrument do I play? I’ll play the baton…well it doesn’t make any music. Every artist has a viewpoint and if you have an open heart and an open mind it changes you, it makes you better, “ said Carmen passionately.

Carmen continues to work with COC’S faculty and staff in order to create new ideas that will make success a “yes” for all students.

“To me making a living in the arts is cool, Carmen said.

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