Andrea Vibe

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Andrea Vibe is a music professor here at COC. She teaches Vocal Development for Popular Music.

Vibe grew up in a family of professional musicians. Her father is a professional piano player, her brother is a professional saxophone player, and her cousin is a professional singer.

Her love of singing and passion for teaching led her to where she is now.

When asked if she had always wanted to be a teacher, she explained that she was at a crossroad in her life where she had to choose between going on tour or opening up a performing arts studio.

“I chose to teach,” Vibe said, “I love being an instructor and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

One of her many successful students is Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera) from the show Glee.

Besides teaching at COC Vibe runs her own studio, called Vibe Performing Arts Studios, and she spends time playing with her seven-year-old son.

Her advice to all students is to stay disciplined, be open to new ideas, be open to constructive criticism and stay passionate.

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