Alan Ocampo

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Imagine this, getting up early in the morning. Having to get the College of the Canyon before 10 in the morning at the equipment room on the 3rd floor at Mentry Hall.

Then it becomes your duty to watch high-tech gear like cameras, sound recorders, and lighting, only later to check them out to students and make sure that they will be returned safely.

It’s a lot of responsibility, yet this is what Alan Ocampo has to go through on a daily basis.

Ocampo, spends much of his time working here as a campus assistant. Being committed to job like this comes with a lot work. But it’s work that Ocampo is able to handle.

“I’m really blessed to be working here. Period,” said Ocampo over a phone interview.

Having to get to work here on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 10 A.M. to mid afternoon doesn’t affect Ocampo at all. In fact, he seems to enjoy it.

And the reason for that enjoyment; aiding students in need.

“I love being able to help students because I was in the same position they were.” said Ocampo.

A graduate of College of the Canyons, Ocampo knows what the students have gone through and wants to help in return.

In addition, Ocampo aids many of the sound design students during their time in class.

As a college graduate, Ocampo hopes to land a career in Audio engineering, having major in Audio and Radio Production while as a student at COC.

But, even though Ocampo enjoys his job, it’s still really tough. “Any kind of piece of equipment you know have to know about, and you have to give an answer to the question.”

As Ocampo himself said, “I’ll be there for each student to help them.”

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