Adam Kempler

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If you want to know who Professor Adam Kempler is then go to Professor Kempler will agree with me “all the things you need to know about me are on the site and they are all true, I don’t argue with anything out there.”

However, what the web won’t tell you is how compassionate and caring Professor Kempler is. For instance, one of his former high school students was shot in the head by their father. The Father attempted to kill his son in his sleep, but he did not die. The student survived and continued going to school.

In order to truly understand what his student was going through, Professor Kempler “decided to come to work blind” one day. He wore goggles and covered the inside lenses with multiple layers of masking tape. Professor Kempler wore the goggles “from 8 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon” refusing to remove them for any reason. One of his blind students loaned him a cane and that became his guide throughout that entire day.

His students noticed that he was attempting to understand “what is was like to live with a serious disability.” The respect that his students felt from Professor Kempler forever changed their perspective of him.

Professor Kempler calls that day “one of the most memorable and rewarding days in my life.”

The short paragraph above only reveals a fraction of who Adam Kempler is. There is much more to the husband, father, instructor, outdoorsman, and writer. I encourage you to take Adam Kempler for one of your English classes – you will actually learn something.

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