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Lindsay Lohan’s Heading to Jail—for 30 Days!

What do you guys know? Lindsay Lohan is going to jail for 30 days! Honestly I thought that she would get more jail time considering the fact that she has been down this road before. I freakin love Lindsay, she’s such a B.A.

But for the kids who do look up to her as a role model I don’t think she is the right one to look up to, because she makes jail look like it’s just a place to get some one on one time for yourself. It doesn’t really look like she is sorry for anything that she has done.

Only time will tell.

Justin Bieber “Ignoring the Rumors” (Update)

With all of this talk about the Biebs being the father to this 20 year old’s baby, he isn’t sweating over it. The ‘Baby” Singer just recently Tweeted “So I’m going to ignore the rumors… and focus on what is real.

An opportunity to help by doing what I love. Judge me on the music! Love y’all!”-Bieber I’m a little on the fence about all of this, why would someone completely come out of the blue and say that Justin is the father of her baby? I know his name is Justin Bieber but come on if that was the case, there would be millions of girls saying the same thing.

Also if it’s true that girl may face charges of statutory rape for dealing with a minor. Who knows, I’ll keep you guys posted.

JoJo’s World Premiere of Music Video “Disaster”

Ladies and Gents the wait is officially over, here is the World Premiere of JoJo’s -Disaster Music Video. She looks absolutely AMAZING!!! This is JoJo’s Year no one else is singing the kind of songs she is and that definitely stands out! I must say that the video was definitely worth the wait. Stay tuned for some exclusive behind the scenes footage from the music video.

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