Prince Charles’ Related to Dracula

by Susan Waldrop, Staff Writer 668 views0

Prince Charles claims he is related to Dracula.

Prince Charles made the connection during a recent interview that will air as part of an upcoming TV show to promote the preservation of forests in Romania’s Transylvania region.  “I have a bit of a stake in the country,” the Prince said.

“The genealogy shows that I am descended from Vlad the Impaler,” Prince Charles said.

Son of the Dragon

DraculaVlad, also known as the Impaler means’ son of the dragon’ [Vlad’s father] was a member of the Order of the Dragon.

Vlad, 15th-Century Romanian warlord, also inspired the 1897 novel “Dracula” by Bram Stoker.

Charles said “Transylvania’s pristine landscapes and rural farming traditions make it a national treasure.” He  owns a home in the region.

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