Paul Wickline

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Paul Wickline is the department chair and producer at College of the Canyons. He is currently teaching TH-126 Improvisation.

Paul grew up in Washington until he moved to Santa Clarita in 2006.

Paul has been married to his wife for twenty-five years.

Paul started his teaching career in Washington where he was a high school teacher for ten years.

He began acting in the 8th grade and eventually moved on to regional theater. Although Paul started as an actor, he primarily focused on directing after leaving college.

One of the lesser known facts about Paul’s life is his work will Bill Nye “The Science Guy”.

Wickline may come across as more of an academic figure sense he is in theater, but he grew up playing two sports, baseball and football. He finds sports a great tool to help actors learn pivotal skills used in theater.

Paul continues to produce the theater productions at College of the Canyons, and hopes to grow the theater department in the coming future.

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