Outlast Outwit Outplay – COC’s Own Survivor

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His interest was sparked when his wife introduced him to the game of wits.

COC’s Safety Officer Tom Marshall has lived in the line of duty for many years. Now with his past experience, Marshall believes he has what it takes to undergo a season of CBS’ Survivor.

With the help of COC’s very own MEA department, Marshall has submitted an application for the reality show’s next season.
As of October 27 of this year, Survivor has surpassed the best of its September premieres with an 11.6 million viewer rating. Marshall’s hopes are hanging on by shear suspense as he wonders if his experience holds the key to one of America’s favorite reality shows.

Being a man in his late fifties, Marshall explained that the last thing he has to worry about for this game is his physical abilities.
Over the years Marshall was fortunate that his job never subjected him to one simple task. Not only did he work as a Patrol Officer, but as an undercover Narcotics and SWAT Officer.

When working in a field where criminals’ run, and bullets fly, physical fitness is a necessity. As Marshall explained, “ With the training we would do, we have to do a lot of running, obstacle type stuff, jumping over fences, propelling down buildings, and of course running up stairs carrying 60-70 pounds of gear, ammunition and machine guns. I think that it has taught me a lot that will help me as a contestant on Survivor.”

While his physical strengths are well underway for the shows qualifications, Marshall explained how his psychological intuitiveness might benefit his game playing strategies.
Marshall was able to justify this ability thanks to all those years lived in the line of fire.

“The game calls for outwitting the other contestants in your tribe, said Marshall, I have a lot of experience and training in behavioral analysis, so I am able to read people pretty good when they aren’t telling the truth.”

Marshall believes that instincts such as reading body language, and facial expressions, would allow him to decipher his allies from his enemies.

Not only has his life-long career built him an advantage for game playing, but so have his extracurricular activities.

Marshall’s love for the outdoors as a child has followed him into adulthood. Growing up as a boy scout, he was taught how to comply with the great outdoors. Today at his age, Marshall says, “I love camping, hiking, and backpacking, any type of outdoor activities.”

He believes that his love for the outdoors is an additional benefit Survivor may find fitting for the game.

While his life experiences provide CBS with a number of reasons why he is qualified for their game of truth or dare, Marshall proved that no one comes without faults.
Marshall, being a very truthful and forthcoming individual, felt that he might put himself at a disadvantage “when wearing his emotions on his sleeve. “

However, Marshall’s weak stomach and chatty personality may not hold the competitions interests either.

“The part that they start mixing up stuff where you don’t know what’s in it and they make you eat it, like grounded up octopus with caterpillars and snails, is one thing I feel, challenge wise, might be complicated for me,” said Marshall.

But it was the competitive nature of the game that had intrigued Marshall from the very start.
Survivor’s goal is to eliminate all the weakest links in order to find the ultimate Survivor contestant.

Even with the knowledge that the last standing contestant becomes the recipient of one million dollars, Marshall still says, “It’s not really even the money I am doing it for, it’s more that the game itself intrigues me.”

Whether it be his detective instincts or that Boy Scout curiosity, Cougar News wishes Tom Marshall the best of luck.

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