New Fire Station Opens In Valencia

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A new fire station has been erected in the Santa Clarita Valley. Station 156 located in Valencia is expected to serve 1200 fires and emergency calls annually in the Los Angeles County.

Elected officials were on hand at the dedication ceremony to present fire Chief Daryl L. Osby with certificates of appreciation.

Santa Clarita Mayor Marsha Mclean shared her gratitude to the firefighters for their dedication to protecting Santa Clarita.

“We in Santa Clarita are so very proud and are so very happy with our fire department,” Mayor Mclean said. “You protect us 100 percent always, and we are extremely grateful.”

The new 3000 square foot firehouse has room for ten firefighters and dormitories for dozer crews. The station also has a state of the art training room, day room, and full kitchen for use.

Chief Daryl Osby said he is excited about the new station and what it brings to the valley.

“This is the first fire station that we built that can actually accommodate our bulldozing personnel,” Chief Osby said. “This station is designed to house it.”

Having a bulldozer in Santa Clarita will help fire fighters contain fires more quickly. Fire personal use bulldozers to make a barricade to help control fires.

This fire station is one of six stations that will be in service in the next two years.

The stations are being created to better protect the Santa Clarita Valley.

“If there is an emergency in the area we will be able to get their that much faster whether it be a fire or a medical call.” Chief Osby said and added, “It’s a win win for everyone.”

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